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What to Expect

I know you will look forward to each session we have together. You will get a full hour all to yourself to talk about whatever is on your mind. 

Each session you will come away with goals and plans leaving you feeling in control and ready to tackle your next "to do" items. 

You can also expect to discuss:


1. Anticipation for your big day! Gain a clear picture of what your day will look like and have a plan to get there.

Wedding Family Photos

3. Creating your dream team. Every bride needs a team around her to create that amazing day. 

Concept and Design Planning

5. Reflection. Look back on your wedding to process, celebrate, and look forward to your new life as a married woman. 

Researching and Writing

2. Strategies for your unique path from fiance to bride.


4. Memories. Design moments that you will be able to look back on year after year, and remember your amazing day. 

Luxury Soap

6. Relief. Taking time for yourself releases tension and stress. 


Radiant Bride Package

Five 60-minute sessions

Includes a reflection session after your wedding.

This is for you: 

  • Efficiency is important to you as you plow through your task list,

  • Maintaining low stress levels,

  • Staying accountable to deep connection times with your fiance and

  • Having the most fun preparing for your wedding day!

Investment: $399

Blissful Bride Package

One 60-minute session

This is for you:

  • You needed one session to get you on track for your engagement season,

  • You have one pressing issue you need to process,

  • You are very close to your wedding and only have time for one grounding and planning hour.

Investment: $90

Reflective Bride Package

One 90-minute session.

Used for reflection after your wedding day.

This is for you:

  • Something came up unexpected like a family member outburst that you need to process through and let go of

  • You are having a hard time with the "let down" that can come after spending so much time and energy on planning one event.

  • You feel disappointed and can't seem to shake it.

  • You want to relive your day and create a memory map so that you can remember your day for in detail for years to come.

Investment: $130

Wedding Day Coach

With you during your big day

Only upon request

This is for you:

  • You are anticipating a lot of drama and need a subjective wing person to buffer you from distraction,

  • Are prone to anxiety and need a subjective person to keep you calm.

Investment: Varied

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