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What to Expect

Harmony emerges from integration. Chaos and rigidity arise when integration is blocked.” “Our state of mind can turn even neutral comments into fighting words, distorting what we hear to fit what we fear.” “Inviting our thoughts and feelings into awareness allows us to learn from them rather than be driven by them.” - Daniel Siegel


Each therapist has their own approach. Here are some topics most people want to know regarding how we work with our clients.


We offer a variety of session styles and lengths. At this time all of our sessions are virtual or over the phone which gives you the flexibility to be in a location of your choosing and not worry about the commute, parking, and geographical distance from your therapist. 


a) We recommend committing to once-a-week sessions to begin. This will give you the greatest chance of experiencing change and gaining momentum. Eventually, you and your therapist will decide when to scale down to bi-monthly, once a month, and eventually take a break from therapy but this is unique to each individual.

b) Session length is tailored to the need of each client based on the availability of the therapist. Some clients would rather have fewer but longer sessions (3hrs+) and others may want shorter sessions (30 or 60 minutes). We have standard options available when booking, but this topic will be discussed at the first session and will be tailored to your needs moving forward.

c) Consultation calls are available upon request.


We use the Psychologists' Association of Alberta fee standards as our guide, however, we want to make counselling affordable, but also reasonable given the education and experience of our therapists.

- 60 minutes $165

- 90 minutes $247.50

- 120 minutes $330

- 3 hours $495

Benefits coverage varies by provider, so it is important to check what credentials are required by your insurance company before you start. 

Available Assessments

Assessments can be a helpful tool in therapy therefore we offer the following to clients as requested (additional investment beyond session booking with your therapist):


a) ELI (Energy Leadership Index) - a research-backed assessment that provides insights into how your show up in various aspects of your life. ($100)

b) SYMBIS assessment for couples (less than 1-5 years together) ($75)

c) Gottman Couples Checkup (more than 3+ years together) ($75)


a) Attachment Survey

b) Enneagram


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