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Management and Communication

One-to-one coaching designed to help you achieve the next level in your career and leadership.


Whether you are in a place of 

  • Recovery

  • Reenvisiong

  • Recreating

I can help you.


Every season needs specific intentions if you are going to make it through stronger and more focused on the other side. Let me help you to build resilience, restoration, and create new motivation and vision for your life.  

Addtionally, building skills to be able to empower and motivate those around you is essential. Discover your ideal mindset and sharpen your ability to communicate, understand, and have hard conversations without stress, anxiety, and defensiveness.

Premarital Couple Coaching

Structured sessions that touch on topics that couples need to work through before getting married. Statistically the first year of marriage can be the most difficult, but by going through premarital coaching, you will find the first year can be full of intimacy and adventure.

You will get to know each other in more ways then you thought possible. You will also get to know more about yourself as we discuss expectations and meaning behind what it looks like to be married. 

Creating a picture of your ideal marriage is the only way to ever recognize when you have one.

 Couple Coaching

There comes a time in every relationship when some structured and intentional growth is helpful. 

Whether you are feeling "off", disconnected, or seem to be fighting a lot more lately, setting aside time for couples coaching will never fail to deepen and strengthen your relationship. 

Unlike counselling, coaching focuses most of the time on what you want your relationship to become instead of where it has been. However, the past does effect the future and when necessary the past will be looked at and released. 

Intentional, focused time will make more of a difference then you can imagine in your relationship.

"I am looking forward to our future sessions, as I feel that Lauren is excellent in connecting with me and my goals." - Madison

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