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You deserve the marriage of your dreams.

That starts with your wedding day.


You want everything to be perfect, just how you envisioned it. You want to feel confident, beautiful and as calm as possible walking down the aisle.


You want to build memories on your wedding day. You want it to be a day to remember, not only for you, but for everyone that comes as well because you want to include as many people as possible.  

And you also love your fiance and want it to be amazing for him too. 

But it is starting to get hard.

You are on a budget. Your fiance doesn't seem to be as involved as you were hoping. Parents and parents-in-law are asking you questions all the time.


You are starting to feel alone, the clear picture of your perfect day you would to have is starting to get  foggy. The wedding still needs to get planned and you want more then anything to just go on a date with the love of your life and not feel so stressed!

I am here for you beautiful.

You can do this, and it is literally my job to help you regain clarity, 

make a plan and

stay intimately connected with your guy.


Let's Do This! What do you need?

Bridal Coaching

One to one coaching designed to help you feel relaxed, in control and supported during your engagement.

Together we will strategies ways to:

  • make your time most effective,

  • process through relationship dynamics that may have sprung up by surprise, and

  • create ways to make memories and connect to your fiance on your wedding day.  


I become your safe space, sounding board, teammate and accountability partner throughout your engagement.

Premarital Couple Coaching

Structured sessions that touch on topics that couples need to work through before getting married. Statistically the first year of marriage can be the most difficult, but by going through premarital coaching, you will find the first year can be full of intimacy and adventure.

You will get to know each other in more ways then you thought possible. You will also get to know more about yourself as we discuss expectations and meaning behind what it looks like to be married. 

Creating a picture of your ideal marriage is the only way to ever recognize when you have one.

 Couple Coaching

There comes a time in every relationship when some structured and intentional growth is helpful. 

Whether you are feeling "off", disconnected, or seem to be fighting a lot more lately, setting aside time for couples coaching will never fail to deepen and strengthen your relationship. 

Unlike counselling, coaching focuses most of the time on what you want your relationship to become instead of where it has been. However, the past does effect the future and when necessary the past will be looked at and released. 

Intentional, focused time will make more of a difference then you can imagine in your relationship.

In Love
Engagment Ring
Happy Couple

"I am looking forward to our future sessions, as I feel that Lauren is excellent in connecting with me and my goals." - Madison