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Hi CPC's!

One of the best groups of people I have had the pleasure of working with as a Success coach are those who have graduated (like me) from iPEC. 

You are fun, motivated, aware, and have put a lot of energy into personal growth. What more could a coach want.

Although your training has developed you into a world-class coach, there may still be seasons of life and business when working with a coach would: 

  • Blow through newly discovered limiting beliefs and GREMLIN's,

  • Help develop new levels of awareness and energy,

  • Partner with you to take that next step and achieve the goals you set out to attain,

  • Reignite the momentum and motivation needed to make some changes. 

We have a connection that can not be explained and therefore it is my pleasure to offer a special 25% off for graduates. 

I look forward to working with you!!

1 session - $150

5 sessions - $599

7 sessions - $787

9 sessions - $1012

Graduation Hat Throw
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