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Imposter syndrome, decision making paralysis, and interpersonal dynamics are the top three topics managers and leaders confess are effecting their performance the most. Add in home-life stressors and residual challenges of Covid and burnout, overworking, and loneliness result. 

Most people who have achieved abundant success find themselves without anyone to confide in. They stay in their own heads and spend endless hours trying to discover solutions to why they are feeling and thinking the way they are. Productivity decline and fatigue are common.


It is time for a new approach. 

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- Create space to process where you are now,
- Identify needs and values,
- Reorganize your life

6 Sessions - $960


Recover - Create space to process where you are now, - Identify needs and values 6 sessions 6 hours $799 - Reorganize your life,


Reenvision - Identify new goals and lifestyle, - Identify patterns of communication and strategies moving forward to gain the results you desire, - Create a timeline of where you have come and where you want to go, - Grieve past losses 7 sessions 7 hours - $1050


Recreate Time to take action and reach the next level. - Define goals and timelines, - Identify blocks, patterns, threats, and habits that you need to adjust and let go of, - Recreate your reality to align with the growth and effort you have put in to get to where you are. 9 sessions 9 hours - $1350

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