Marriage Prep Course!

Preparing couples with the tools they need to have a long-lasting and thriving marriage!


What to expect

5 Sessions

75 minutes

Investment: $585

(Includes your Gottman OR SYMBIS assessment


Topics include:

- Communication

- How to handle conflict

- Sex

- Money

- Values

- Purpose

- Fears

- Goals

- Expectations

- Meaning

You will experience a mix of learning and coaching in every session. 

You will leave with:

- Report from your Gottman Relationship Assessment OR SYMBIS Assessment

- Strategies for maintaining a healthy marriage

- Goals and Plans for your first year as a married couple

- Foundation of 'being a team' in your relationship

- A blank slate so you can enter your marriage fresh without regrets and secrets.

Offered online so you do not even have to leave your house!  


It's not just about the wedding

Once the wedding is over, it does not necessarily mean happily ever after. A wedding is one day in many years together as a couple.

You can try and anticipate what may come up once your marriage begins, but there are often surprises. A small snag if unhooked can be overcome quickly, but if it stays and continues to pull, the effects can be quite a bit larger

Family can sometimes be hard to talk to because they may take sides. Friends have opinions and experiences that you may not share. You want someone that has heard what your dream marriage looks like to you, what your goals and hopes are, and what is important to you as a unique couple

The 2 Year Warranty allows for consistent check-in's to make sure you are staying the course that you, as a couple, have made for yourself. This allows space and time to process through the wonderful moments and the blocks that come because of the new life together you have entered. 

This is for you if:

  • You consider yourself proactive,

  • You want to consistently go deeper in knowing your partner,

  • You value being asked hard questions to grow your relationship

  • You want to know a safe and trusting space is available on a regular basis for you and your husband to connect,

  • You value an objective perspective.

Optional  2Year Warranty

Your marriage is the largest investment that you will ever make. 

What is included?

(sessions are 1 hour) 

- 3 month check-in

- 6 month check-in

- 1 year check-in

- 2 year check-in

Investment: $299

Assessment and Debrief

- A deep dive into each of your unique personalities 

- Potential connections and conflicts 

- 17 page report for you to keep

- Interpretation about your communication styles, expectations, priorities, family history, marriage momentum, red flags, personality insights, and much more.