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Life is unpredictable. Sometimes situations come up that tip us off balance. Often we find ourselves wondering what we missed that would have allowed us to be more kind, productive, or make better choices.

A coach can come alongside you and help you interpret, strategize, and take action more effectively and efficiently than you on your own. 

Clearview offers an assortment of affordable coaching packages for those who would like to take their career, relationship, leadership, and/or life to the next level. Looking forward to supporting you with this goal, at this time.


Hi! My name is Lauren

Certified Professional Coach (PCC) and Counsellor (MC)

It is so nice to meet you.

Lauren is a Professionally Certified Coach, counsellor, and mentor who specializes in relationship dynamics and emotional intelligence. She is also an Energy Leadership Index  Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) and  CORE Leadership Dynamics Specialist (CLDS). Lauren continues to focus on growth and learning as a SYMBIS certified and Gottman Therapy practitioner. By drawing on the concepts from narrative therapy, emotionally focused therapy, and solution focused brief therapy, Lauren is an expert at tailoring her approach to each client's unique situation. Using her broad relationship and leadership-based toolkit, Lauren works with strategic leaders to uncover limiting beliefs and build resiliency.




"She is so incredibly gifted and anointed that she has literally changed the way I think. Her coaching, countenance and wisdom are spot on."

- Jennifer

"I am looking forward to our future sessions, as I feel that Lauren is excellent in connecting with me and my goals."

- Madison

"I had a great experience being coached by Lauren. I felt it was a safe space to discuss ideas and grow; with keeping accountability and looking at things differently."

- Lindsay

Lauren was so incredible to have as my bridal coach! She helped me navigate the stress of planning a wedding, and often our coaching sessions were the highlight of my week. When I was overwhelmed with stress, Lauren helped me realign my goals and plan the most special day of my life while feeling relaxed, beautiful, and confident. I am so grateful for her wisdom." 

- Corinne

About Lauren

Lauren Harnett is a certified coach and counselor who helps people achieve their next level of leadership, career, and relationship. She enjoys celebrating and finds any excuse to do so. Fun is top priority in her life and she enjoys experiencing new things with her husband and three sons.

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