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Loved. Understood. Connected.

Helping couples thrive in every season of their relationship. 



Life is unpredictable. Whether you are experiencing the excitement of engagement, or perhaps life has thrown you a curve ball, your relationship should be a safe and thriving environment                              for you to process and grow.                           

One common misconception is that connection with your partner should come naturally, as if you already have all the skills and tools to be able to know what you want, communicate it clearly, and get the response you desire. The truth, no one has everything they need to navigate the complexities of an intimate relationship.

Most couples underestimate the value of a bit of help. Depending on your unique needs as a couple, sometimes as few as 5 sessions can go a long way towards the health and wellbeing of your relationship. 

Enter - your relationship coach!


Hi! My name is Lauren

Certified Professional Coach

It is so nice to meet you. I specialize in helping couples live the relationship they desire. Love is complicated, how could you not need someone to help equip you for a lifetime together?


If you are ready to stop having the same conversations over and over again, I would love to talk with you. 90% of happy couples I work with always want to know more about communication. You are not alone if you are asking yourself, "is there is a better way to connect with each other?"

It's time to try a different strategy and I am here to help. 




"She is so incredibly gifted and anointed that she has literally changed the way I think. Her coaching, countenance and wisdom are spot on."

- Jennifer

"I am looking forward to our future sessions, as I feel that Lauren is excellent in connecting with me and my goals."

- Madison

"I had a great experience being coached by Lauren. I felt it was a safe space to discuss ideas and grow; with keeping accountability and looking at things differently."

- Lindsay

Lauren was so incredible to have as my bridal coach! She helped me navigate the stress of planning a wedding, and often our coaching sessions were the highlight of my week. When I was overwhelmed with stress, Lauren helped me realign my goals and plan the most special day of my life while feeling relaxed, beautiful, and confident. I am so grateful for her wisdom." 

- Corinne

About Lauren

Lauren Harnett is a certified coach who helps couples achieve a world class relationship. She enjoys celebrating and finds any excuse to do so. Fun is top priority in her life and she enjoys experiencing new things with her husband and three sons.

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