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Everyone should have a therapist.




By taking the time to find out more about counselling, you are clearly a person that is ready for change. Regularly, there are times in our life when we want to know more about our lives and why we are the way we are. You may be wanting to understand your past, deconstruct your present, and/or make plans for the future. 

We are here to invest in your goals.

Our Approach

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Expand Perspective

Sometimes there are moments in life where we feel stuck. What we desire is understanding

No understanding often brings:


- hiding, and 

- alterations to our true and authentic selves. 

When we DO understand, it often brings: 

- meaning

- compassion,

- empathy, and

- patience.


All of us desire to understand ourselves better.  


Attachment theory addresses the impact of our earliest childhood experiences.


We acknowledge that a person can not escape the past, but with intentional processing, the past can become integrated into our life and we can be free of unwanted reactions and responses.


Bio: Our physical bodies have an impact on our mental health. Our bodies will also respond to stresses and challenges in our life and are a powerful indicator of where change needs to occur.

Psycho: Our mental health impacts our capacity, creativity, and connectivity with others and the world around us.

Social: We do not exist in isolation. The people and community we live in impact our life experience.


Spiritual: Acceptance of a greater influence then ourselves is key to letting go of control and taking on the responsibilities that were meant for us, but no more. 

Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems acknowledges that there are different aspects of ourselves that work together (or not) to help us navigate and survive the world around us.


Addressing the motivations of each of the different parts of us often releases the internal tensions and conflict we experience.

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