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Clearview Coaching and Counselling
Helping you feel:

Are you finding it hard to connect with other people?

Maybe you are close to your family, but you feel like they do not really understand you. Is it challenging to find a place you belong and can be yourself?

I work with adults who are feeling lonely, isolated, or misunderstood and help them to feel loved and connected to themselves and their community. 


Helping people to feel at peace with themselves and the world and people around them. 




Taking a deep dive into the origin and roots of your current feelings of lonliness and isolation. Using the unique process inspired by narrative therapy, internal family systems, attachment, and holistic wellness.

Life and leadership coaching to help take you to the next level in your community. Whether this is growing your impact as a manager, leadership as founder or owner, or supporting the next career transition to achieve your goals. 

Supporting businesses as they navigate building their first board, developing strategy and policy to support current growth, or creating structure to take your business to the next level in a sustainable way. 

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